It’s my own fault…

I admit it–I led them on. I had the audacity to promise that if only they would come alive for me, to fascinate me, to challenge me, and most desperately (at least from my perspective) to resolve all their stubbornly disparate intrigues in a spectacular and coherent finale, then I would do my best to see to it that one day their stories would be told. I figured I was safe. After all, what were the chances they were going to actually enthrall me long enough to see things through? Novels, after all, can take years to come together, particularly when one only has time to look in on them occasionally. Surely, I thought, the tribulations of these imaginary personalities are merely a passing fancy, and some distraction will inevitably lure me away long before I will ever be at risk of having to pay up. Or failing that, the intricacies of their situations will cause their stories to collapse in a gordian tangle of unresolved plot twists. How could I possibly have known they would keep their end of the bargain? Oh, I tried to get out of it, but how could I, when confronted with the Monsignor’s look of resigned disappointment, or by Jonas, mocking me with his smile as if to say he’d told me so? Most compelling, however, was the smoldering fire in Dona’s eyes, letting me know in no uncertain terms that, if she has anything to say about it, such injustices do not go unpunished. And ultimately, that is how I came to find myself writing a blog detailing my foray into the world of literary publishing.

After well over four years, the story is written, the dreaded synopsis composed and the stage is set. I even have a tentative title and cover-mockup (see below). Let the querying begin! After all, even if everything should fall through, there’s always Amazon! Now if only I could decide whether it should be one book or three!

Tentative Cover Mockup for Practical Phrendonics

6 thoughts on “It’s my own fault…

  1. Thanks Marilyn for your vote of confidence and ongoing support, not to mention the fine examples you set with your own blogs. That you manage Californie en francais ( in a foreign tongue is just that much more inspirational! Hope someday to approach the high standards you’ve set (though maybe I’d be best off attempting that in English first.)

  2. Great title for your blog! No need to question author-ity, though. Why question when you can just go for it? Questioning authority … well, of course, that’s a different matter entirely. 😎 Blog on! And welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. So kind of you to say so! I am very happy with how it turned out. Hope to find out whether any legacy publishers agree.

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