Flinch grows up.

Where does the time go?  A little over a year ago, I began writing a little serial piece called The Demon of Histlewick Downs as a way to keep myself writing while I worked on getting Practical Phrendonics publication-ready. Almost 6 months ago, I decided on an editor, but there was a catch–she was booked 6 months in advance. In the meantime, I continued typing merrily away on DoHD. Then September came along, and we attended the Southern California Writers’ Conference. There, we got to meet in-person the editor I’d chosen, who reviewed the first few pages of DoHD as part a workshop she was hosting. Based on her recommendation at the workshop, I’ve decided to have DoHD edited for publication, even before PP (in part because it’s a stand-alone effort, while PP is a series). That gives me about three weeks to finish and polish Flinch’s story before the editor gets a stab at him.

Since some agents are leery of representing pre-published works, I’ve decided to stop posting the final installments of DoHD online. Not to worry though–if you’ve been a loyal reader, leave me a message here by mid November and an email address and I’ll see to it that you get copies of the final installments.  I don’t think agents object to beta-readers!

Oh, and that means that over the next few weeks, the rest of the Flinch story will be coming down off the site as he gets ready to transition to this new phase in the process.

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Time’s up!

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  1. Fantastic! And exciting! It has been fun to picture you “typing merrily away” week after week during this fly-away year. The result is a clear demonstration of the consistency with which you produce A+ writing. Should make publishers take notice! And now, Flinch and the book are almost ready for the big debut. Kudos! Type merrily on!

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