The Demon Strikes Again

Just a quick note to let you know that Chapter Two of The Demon of Histlewick Downs has been posted. You can access it either from the link below, at the end of Chapter One, or from the pull-down menu underneath the banner ad above (mouse over ‘The Demon of Histlewick Downs’ just under the banner photo above, and a drop-down menu of all the currently available chapters should appear).

The next month should prove to be a busy one as I prepare to attend the Los Angeles incarnation of the Southern California Writers’ Conference in September. I’m looking forward to having professionals actually working in the field review my submission package and provide feedback. Wish me luck!

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Feeding the Inner Demons

When I allowed myself to be talked into the idea of exploring legacy publishers instead of e-publishing on Amazon, I learned the rest of the process could take years. After months engaged in the processes of editing, synopsis writing, and internet research, I found my enthusiasm for the project beginning to wane a bit. Of course, that is often the case for me when the potential gratification is only barely perceptible on the horizon on a sunny day with good visibility, but I had already managed four years without similar issues. Why lose steam now? I consulted my inner demons and they were unanimous–long stretches of uninterrupted administrivia are simply not fun! For me to keep up steam (at least the kind generated by inner demons) I needed something integral to the process that I could also look forward to. If the first four years of the project were any indication, that would be the process of writing itself.

Marilyn’s comment to the ‘Synopsis Caper’ that she’d like to see to see an excerpt from Practical Phrendonics got me thinking. My interpretation of what I’ve been seeing on various blogs and websites is that some agents and publishing houses are leery to consider work that’s been published in any form, likely including blogs. However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t post a prequel that’s set in the same universe. Not only that, but if I wrote it a chapter at a time, I could post the chapters in serial format and use the lure of writing to keep those fun-loving demons working the treadmills! If all goes well, when it’s finished I’ll have an entirely new book for publication on Amazon to see how that process compares. Not only do I like the idea, but more importantly, the demons all concur.

Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to my newest inner demon:

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