About Doug Bornemann


Doug Bornemann

Doug works, plays, and sometimes even writes, in sunny Southern California. By day, he’s a mild-mannered geneticist, stoically altering the genomes of unsuspecting fruit flies to create and analyze models of Huntington’s disease. By night, he engages in subtly directing the lives of myriad unsuspecting characters, all of whom are fiercely convinced of their own free will (except, of course, for quirky Uncle Rayen). His law degree comes in handy mostly for defending those characters against the pointed and persuasive arguments of the other characters. It has absolutely no value whatsoever in winning arguments with either his lovely and talented wife, or their neurotic cat, Nero.


“Do these jeans make me look cute?”

2 thoughts on “About Doug Bornemann

  1. Hi cousin. I am out in Utah enjoying the beautiful mountains and the canyons. Your mom sent me your blog information. Just thought I would let you know I stopped by. Hope all is well with you.


    • Nice of you to drop by! Hope the weather is cooperating with your trip, and that the mountains and canyons are putting on their Sunday best for your visit!

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